I may have been her spy, Blood Shrike, but I have never been her ally. I need her. I needed answers. That is all I will tell you.

–Avitas Harper, A Torch Against The Night

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Avitas Harper spied on Helene for the Commandant until he converted over to her side and lied on his reports. He was supposed to inform the Commandant on Helene's progress on tracking Elias and poison her with Nightweed when she got to close; however, he gave the Commandant false reports and told Helene about the plan.


Harper grew up in Jeilum with his mother, Renatia, after his father, Arius, was killed in service. When his mother died when he was ten, he stayed with his paternal grandparents during school leaves. He spent four years training under Blackcliff Commandant Horatio Laurentius, the remainder of his Blackcliff training being carried out by Commandant Keris Veturia. Harper showed great potential as a Yearling but remained average during the tenure of Commandant Keris Veturia. Multiple sources have reported Veturia's interest in Harper from an early age.